Don't Settle for Damp Clothes

Don't Settle for Damp Clothes

Take advantage of our clothes drying service in Lincoln, Bismarck, ND

A broken dryer can throw a serious wrench in your normal laundry routine. Luckily, Fluff & Fold Laundry Company serving Lincoln, Bismarck, ND has your back. We can get your clothes clean and dry with our washing and drying services.

When you have us wash your clothes, you'll also get a clothes drying service included as part of the process. That way, you won't have to worry about dealing with damp, wrinkly clothes.

Get in touch with us when you need a washing and drying service.

Making sure your clothes are completely dry

Improperly dried clothes run the risk of growing mildew. That's why we follow a standard process during our clothes drying services that ensures you get clean, dry clothes every time.

We will:

  • Dry your clothes on medium heat to avoid damage
  • Include a free dryer sheet for softer results
  • Bundle your dry clothes in a clear bag and deliver them to you

You can also choose to have us hang dry your clothes if you'd prefer. Call us at 701-527-7230 to learn more about our drying process.